Our clinic is near the intersection of Roswell and Johnson Ferry Roads in East Cobb County, in the north Atlanta suburb of Marietta, For Directions. GVR is located in a quiet ground level setting, easily accessible for pets having difficulty walking. Our 6,000 square foot veterinary rehabilitation center was designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. To aid in their mobility and traction, we use rubber flooring throughout the facility, ensuring your pet feels secure in their footing.

Highlights of our clinic include:

SwimEx Pool

GVR is the first veterinary rehabilitation center in the southeast, and one of only a few in the country, to house an indoor heated SwimEx resistance pool.

Due to space and cost constraints very few veterinary rehabilitation facilities have resistance therapy pools but this was a priority for us.

When dogs swim, they are not weight bearing and use their legs differently than when they walk, moving them through a greater range of motion. A resistance therapy pool is an important tool that complements the partial weight bearing water resistance of the underwater treadmill. Both are important tools of the veterinary rehabilitation therapist. The pool also allows us to do more work on core strength, overall stamina, and conditioning.

To ensure the best outcomes of swim therapy, our rehab-certified veterinarians and therapists will set the pool’s resistance level to suit our therapeutic goals. They also actively facilitate the therapy, remaining in the pool with your pet throughout the session, enhancing safety and comfort.

Our SwimEx resistance therapy pool represents the gold standard in human physical therapy and sports training facilities. While most resistance pools are powered by individual jets, our SwimEx uses a paddlewheel technology to create a powerful, consistent wall-of-water, which means no “dead” spots in the current it creates. This translates into a more effective, consistent experience for your pet.

With a temperature of 90-92° F, the pool is heated to maximize your pet’s comfort and relax their muscles. We utilize a state of the art bromine system to maintain water quality.

We may recommend pool-based hydrotherapy for treating conditions such as arthritis, dysplasia, restricted flexibility, paralysis, and other mobility issues. We utilize pool-based therapy to assist in pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, weight loss, improving balance and coordination, increasing body awareness, and fitness to aid in both injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Underwater Treadmill

Underwater Treadmill

GVR has two underwater treadmills for our patients. Both feature:

  • A larger and longer design with side rails allows our therapists to be in the treadmill with your pet. This allows GVR’s therapists to provide both active assistance to pets needing greater support and active encouragement to pets more focused on fitness.
  • Our walk-through design eliminates the need for your dog to turn around in the unit. Non-slip ramps are located at both ends of the unit to provide ease of entry and exit.
  • Outward swinging doors on both ends accommodate large breed dogs easily.
  • Incremental variation in belt speed allows us to readily tailor each treatment to your dog’s needs.
  • A custom-designed, multi-point harness system is used to reduce weight bearing in the treadmill, for those dogs needing further support.
  • A jet system to increase resistance
  • A bromine system to maintain water quality
Underwater Treadmill

Our newest treadmill has an incline feature, allowing the therapists to have your pet walk “uphill” while simultaneously experiencing water buoyancy and resistance.  This allows the therapist to focus on strength training tailored to your dog’s needs.

At GVR, it is standard procedure for a trained veterinarian or therapist to be in the underwater treadmill with your dog.  We know that our patients do better in their hydrotherapy sessions, and are safer, with our “hands-on” approach.  We are there to keep them more comfortable, as well as to assist them in their walking if necessary or massage them to loosen tight muscles.

Izzy on wobble board


Our two gyms allow us plenty of room to work with your pet and observe their natural gait. Both gyms have rubber flooring throughout so your pet feels sure-footed and comfortable. Our gyms are outfitted with everything needed for therapeutic exercises, including physio balls, cavalettis, steps, ramps, wobble boards, and other custom equipment designed by our doctors and therapists for use at GVR.

Reception area

Reception Area

Our lobby was designed for both the comfort of you and your four legged companion. When entering the clinic, you’ll see our reception desk off to one side. This avoids exposing your pet to an immediate “frontal approach,” which can be daunting for some animals.

Our seating area was created with your pet in mind. High, wide seating allows you both to have privacy and plenty of space should your pet prefer not to see or be near other pets. We also have outlets in the seating area and free Wi-Fi is available.

Within our lobby we host a small lending library of pet-focused books and magazines, such as the Whole Dog Journal, allowing you to catch up on the latest great articles exploring topics such as small animal health and the human animal bond.

Exam Room

Exam Rooms

We understand that your pet may be uncomfortable in a new situation. To help our patients feel more at ease, we offer treats (if allowed) and positive reinforcement. Our exam rooms feature rubber flooring to ensure your pet has good footing. We often work with your pet, at their level on the floor, using a thick Primo Pad for extra comfort. If your pet is small, we typically use a small examination table that is also covered with a comfortable blanket or pad. .

Day Boarding Kennels

For patients needing intensive rehab requiring multiple sessions per day or multi day therapy, we offer overnight as well as day boarding, in one of our modern, spacious kennel runs.

Post-workout Shower

Our hydrotherapy room includes a walk in shower for a quick, post-swim rinse if your dog requires it.

Retail Corner

Our retail corner focuses on rehabilitation products, offering premium supplements, herbs, nutraceuticals, treats, assistive devices, harnesses and non-slip booties. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss any of these products with you.

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