Practice Philosophy
GVR utilizes the latest techniques in Western and Eastern medicine to provide optimal, compassionate care in a state of the art facility.

We improve physical health, fitness, injury recovery, pain management, and overall quality of life for our clients’ companion and performance animals.

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Practice Philosophy

GVR is dedicated to improving the physical health, fitness, recovery, pain management, and overall quality of life for our clients’ companion and performance animals.

Under the expert care of our experienced rehabilitation-certified veterinarians and therapists, your pet will receive compassionate quality care, in a state of the art facility, that honors the deep value of the human / animal bond.

After a thorough ‘nose to tail’ hands-on evaluation, our rehabilitation veterinarians will use a ‘whole animal approach’ to design a treatment plan that is right for you and your pet. Our treatment plans aim to reduce pain and speed healing while improving recovery and return to function.

Our ‘whole animal approach’ is evident from your pet’s first visit to GVR. Our initial evaluations are a thorough “nose to tail,” hands-on evaluation that usually takes a full hour but may take as long as 90 minutes. Rather than focus strictly on the area where the problem seems to be, our approach is to palpate and manipulate each patient’s entire body to determine where the body is weak or unbalanced or has hidden pain.

We know that oftentimes, where the problem presents itself is actually an indicator of an issue elsewhere in the body. For example, lameness in a rear limb could be the result of a back problem. Or, lameness in a front limb could be causing a secondary but mild lameness in a hind limb.

It is through our dedication to understanding your whole pet and their situation that our veterinarians develop an intensive, directed treatment plan, aimed at reducing pain and speeding healing while improving recovery and return to function.

To ensure the highest quality care, all our treatments are administered by trained and experienced veterinary rehabilitation therapists or our highly trained veterinarians. For example, a certified therapist will accompany your pet in the underwater treadmill or the SwimEx pool. Staying with your pet helps them enjoy the treatment and get the best out of it by allowing our therapists to closely direct and adjust the therapy as needed at any moment.

Our hands-on approach to evaluation, diagnosis, plan development and treatment allows GVR’s team to craft, execute and update treatment plans as your pet’s health progresses.

A successful rehabilitation and pain management treatment plan typically includes more than one modality of care, such as a combination of water therapy, therapeutic exercises, veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chiropractic, laser therapy, medications, and supplements. It is GVR’s ability to put all of these pieces together, much like a puzzle, that enables us to successfully treat so many patients and give them back their quality of life.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from working intensively with our clients and patients, watching them progress in health and recovery under our care, and being an integral part of that process.